Prairie Drama Club’s Xanadu


Michael Verity

The muses pose for a photo.

Xanadu is Prairie High School’s second drama production of 2022-23. The production was put on from February 17th through the 25th. Prices for this production included $6 for students, $13 for adults, and $11 for senior citizens. 

Piper Crain, a sophomore at Prairie, spoke about her experiences with the drama program here at school.  “Dances were my favorite part. They were funnier in this show than in the last show.  I was also in more of them.” Piper recounted.  

One person who was impactful so far during her time is senior Hollyn Anderson, whom Piper says she will greatly miss. Another cast and program member who echoed these sentiments was fellow sophomore Spencer Norman.  

When speaking on Hollyn’s impact she was described as kind, and welcoming, and made the experience of this production more rewarding.  “The people made it more enjoyable because it was like one big family,” Spencer recalled.  

Both cast members stressed that they highly enjoyed their time preparing for and putting on the production of Xanadu, and that they would love to continue participation in future productions next year. Xanadu was the last production that will take place in the 2022-2023 school year, but that just means the time for preparing for next year’s productions is soon to come.  Until next year, that’s a wrap on Prairie High School’s drama program!