The student news site of Prairie High School

The Falcon Flyer

The student news site of Prairie High School

The Falcon Flyer

The student news site of Prairie High School

The Falcon Flyer


Welcome to Prairie’s  Falcon Flyer

We are your source of news that carries all current details of Prairie High School. From News, Sports, to Features, we cover it all!

Mission Statement
In its contents and its practices, The Falcon Flyer will honor the mission and policies of Prairie High School. In all tasks, Falcon Flyer reporters will consider how their work might help better inform readers and how it might help people make their own choices.

The Falcon Flyer will educate, inform, entertain and present issues in a professional manner. The Falcon Flyer will strive toward excellence with the aim of being the primary source of Prairie High School information.

The Falcon Flyer intends to be a public forum for student expression and encourages all sides to voice their opinion. The Falcon Flyer is not subject to involuntary review prior to publication except by its own staff and adviser, and is therefore responsible for the news magazine’s contents.

Editorial Policy
The Falcon Flyer strives to provide an open forum for the free exchange of ideas for the whole school community in the context of the school’s mission and philosophy. In order to facilitate this, the Editorial staff follows these specific guidelines.

The Falcon Flyer will include editorials posted each week, representing the opinion of the editors.

The Falcon Flyer will give full credit for any material that is not original and will
acknowledge mistakes and correct any major errors which are brought to the attention of the staff.

The Falcon Flyer will use both the Associated Press Style Guide and Libel Manual and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s style book will be used as a guide.

The Falcon Flyer will not endorse political candidates or accept political advertising. It will reserve the right to refuse any advertising illegal or inappropriate for high school students.

Its editors shall interpret and enforce the editorial policy, seeking advice of the advisor in cases of disagreement.

Submitting an article or article idea

All contributions must be signed, and submitted to [email protected].

All the letters to the editors should be limited to 250 words. The editorial staff reserves the right to edit all submissions for length, grammar, invasion of privacy, obscenity, potential libel or content which works against the mission of our school.

The Falcon Flyer reserves the right to withhold letters or columns and return them to the writer for more information if the editorial staff determines them to contain misinformation.

In accordance with the school policy for student expression, free speech may not be used to disrupt the educational process or interfere with the rights of others.

The written views of the students must be responsible, in good taste, and must not attack anyone in a personal manner. All opinion pieces must contain the writer’s name and phone number for confirmation. Letters will not be returned.