The Beginning for Prairie Girls Tennis


Photo By Chailya Robinson

Miriam Greener (Junior) Leena Dang (sophomore)

On Mar. 14th the Prairie girl’s tennis team started their season off with an away game against Camas high school. A few of the girls won their matches, but overall as a team, they lost.

Prior to the match, the girls practiced five days a week to prepare since spring season started with the head coach, Pete Aleman. “We’ve been practicing very hard for these upcoming matches, and I hope that we win, but if we don’t then at least we tried our hardest.” says junior, Miriam Greener.

Then came Mar. 14, match day. The girls didn’t have enough time to warm up so they jumped right into the games. It started off with the varsity team, followed by junior varsity, and then the c-team. With the girls playing against a difficult school, they were still able to pull through with a few wins from all three teams. Even though the Prairie girl’s tennis team lost their first match, they still have hope for the upcoming games. Varsity player junior, Hannah Kann, shares her thoughts on how the team did, “I think we played the best we could’ve, and Camas is a very tough school so the fact that we even got a few games was amazing.”

The team hopes to win their upcoming match on Mar. 16, against Kelso high school, which will be located at Prairie high school. “I hope that we can win this match especially since we were really close last year. Plus, winning our first game at our home would be exciting!” said Kann.