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Prairie’s Top 5 Holiday Movies!

Max’s holiday movie section!
Hannah Spencer
Max’s holiday movie section!

During the Holidays, we imagine ourselves snuggling up and drinking hot cocoa with a movie playing in the background. The problem is, which movie? There are too many classics to choose from but Prairie High School selected their best 5!

  1. The Home Alone Franchise

The Home Alone franchise has 6 movies that started in 1990 with its latest movie out in 2021. It’s a classic around the wintertime as it appeals to all ages and is spunky. These movies focus on one child whose schemes are out of this world! All involved conflicts are resolved in ways one wouldn’t even understand the thought process. The movies are comedic, action-packed, and a nice family-friendly franchise.

“It’s my favorite, the kid was very smart with incredible thoughts and ideas and saw a way out of a sticky situation.” Says junior Adrianna Chavez.

  1. Elf

It is a comedic film where Will Ferrel plays Buddy the Elf. Buddy was hidden in Santa’s sack, growing up at the North Pole. he travels back to New York hoping to finally belong, and reunite with his birth father. Buddy’s cheerful, humorous, but chaotic. He’s only ever had a jolly spirit around him, how could people be so bleak? If you want to laugh it off and see Buddy’s adventure this movie is a great option!

  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Many kids are scared of the Grinch, reasoning? He might ruin our Christmas. Comedian Jim Carrey stars in How the Grinch Stole Christmas playing as the Grinch. The movie starts in Whoville where the people are called the Whos and are preparing for Christmas, though just outside Whoville in the mountains, the Grinch despises this holiday and plans to steal it with his own hands. With the movie ending in a major twist, it’s a comedic classic with a little romantic twist.

“Jim Carrey gave his all and made The Grinch a perfect movie.” Said senior Damian Gonzales Morales.

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

This animation can be considered both a Halloween and a Holiday movie. It features Jack Skellington having boredom as the world’s best scarer and being the pumpkin king, and he opens the door to Christmas town, shows him new inspirations to get over his block, and takes over Santa’s job. He kidnaps Santa and his plans backlash leaving him stumped. This movie is a musical and has action with a little forbidden romance.

  1. Polar Express

On a late Christmas Eve, a boy begins to doubt Christmas and Santa Claus, all of a sudden a passenger train arrives telling the young boy it’s on its way to the North Pole. Skeptical but intrigued, the boy joins the conductor and sits himself on the train. The main characters’ nicknames are quite funny as they’re named Hero Boy, Hero Girl, and Know-It-All. Embark with them on their journey to the North Pole and get to see if Santa is truly real or not in this animated fantasy world.

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