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DUNE: Part 2 The Most Successful Movie of 2024

Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet in movie advertisement of DUNE: Part 2

With the first DUNE movie being loved by many it’s no surprise that the sequel had an even larger impact on the audience, and gained more success than the first movie. But what makes this movie better than the first, and why do people love DUNE: part 2 more?

The DUNE franchise over the past few years has gained massive popularity. With the release of DUNE: part 2 it has gotten a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes from critics, and a 95% rating from the audience making the movie have higher ratings from both compared to the first movie.

DUNE: part 2 was the most successful movie of 2024 gaining a whopping 660.8 million dollars at the box office, almost tripling the amount from the first movie. It makes you wonder just how much of an impact has this movie had on the world.

When trying to get a better understanding of the popularity of DUNE: part 2, and why it’s hailed as the best movie of 2024 Two people who had watched the movie and loved it were interviewed, so when asking them some questions about why they think the movie is so successful, and why it’s become known as the best movie of 2024 they had some of the best answer for why.

When talking to Ellissa Diana, a local resident about her experience with DUNE: part 2 she had plenty to say, so asking her what she would say are the standouts for the film, and how the film aims to keep the audience entertained. This is what she said “I would say that the standouts are definitely the visuals and the acting which in turn just makes the film entertaining, and not just that but the build-up to what is to come in later films makes you crave for more.”

As you can tell DUNE has given people the desire to want more of the characters, and want to see what happens to the Fremen and Paul Atreides after all that happens in DUNE: Part 2 Which is only some of the reasons that DUNE: part 2 has become the most successful of 2024. 

Ellissa was also asked if she could go deeper into what was great about the visuals and acting “DUNE: part 2 is one of the most visually stunning films that I have seen in a long time, and the film doesn’t try and overuse the large scale of the film but instead gives just the right amount of visual queues, and for the acting the one that had stood out the most was the lead Timothée Chalamet. You can just tell that he had put his all into the character of Pual Atreides making this one of if not his best performances.”

The second person who was interviewed for the film was Isaiah Chavarria who had added to what Ellissa had said about the visuals and acting. This is what he said “The visuals for DUNE: part 2 are some of the best that I’ve seen in a very long time making DUNE one of the most beautiful films to use the visuals as its character, and the acting is some of the best parts of the film and I mean if you haven’t seen the movie it’s worth watching just for the acting alone.”

A lot of the success is due to the acting and visuals. Isaiah Chavarria had said, “I think what makes DUNE: part 2 great is that it can make an also 3-hour film not feel like it’s dragging in the pacing of the film, but the film also archives to tell a very intriguing story that is well explored through the film instead of the movie being all action which is why I think the film had become so successful.”

Just knowing how successful the film has become only makes people want to watch the film more, and with all the great reviews from people all over the world, it comes as no surprise that DUNE: part 2 would become the most successful film of 2024.

When asking both Ellissa and Isaiah if they would recommend the movie to anyone who has yet to watch the film they said “I would recommend this movie to anyone that has and hasn’t seen the film in a heartbeat solely based on how well the people working on the movie where able to bring a book that has many topics to come into a film that achieves the heart of the book.”

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