The Current Tardy Policy

Attendance Office window where students scan their IDs for their tardy passes.

Photo by Natalie Coughran

Attendance Office window where students scan their ID’s for their tardy passes.

The new tardy policy continues to be a part of Prairie High School as students at Prairie are now more eager to get to class on time.  The number of tardies is at an all-time low as the policy has given students a reason to get to class on time. “ it is better than last year yes.” Mr. Fox said.

Fox shared number from the previous year and the drop in overall tardies has been dramatic this year down to the low 700 range. This of course still high but low in comparison to the thousands of tardies that were being received in 2021 – 2022.

1st period as that’s the biggest struggle at the moment “ we can’t really do anything about the parking lot situation” Mr.Fox says 

When subtracting 1st period tardies the number drops down to almost 200 tardies and when doing the same for last year it only went down by 800 the starting amount being over 1,500 which is an amazing change. As the future continues the administration is hoping to lessen these tardies even more.