Spring Spirit Week leading up to Spring Fling!


Photo by Lena Le

Tyson Davis and Rachel Frazier dress up athlete vs mathlete day.

With the Prairie High School spring fling just right around the corner on March 4th, ASB members Ava Wojack, and senior Samantha Bundy prepare for spirit week!

In previous years, Prairie’s associated student body would plan creative ways to dress up for spirit week, but without anybody else’s input. Which made it hard for some students to participate in the Spirit days because some people just didn’t have the materials at home. This year, being that it’s our first normal year being back in school, ASB decided to change things up and post a QR code for the students to be able to pitch ideas and vote for what they wanted for their spirit days.

After getting google forms submitted from the Prairie Falcons, the ASB members that took charge of the planning of the spirit week, who were Wojack and Bundy, crossed ideas that weren’t approved of and/or were already done this year. “We just wanted to try more creative and different spirit days, so that way maybe more people would participate in dressing up,” stated Wojack. Once the spirit days were set in stone, the student body started advertising the days on social media and making videos to promote them on the morning announcements.

The only thing that Wojack and Bundy worried about was the number of people that were actually going to take part in the spirit week. “I was nervous about the people not wanting to go full out for the spirit days because of the weather, but it didn’t really stop some people from fully committing to dressing up!” Bundy voiced.

Junior Madison Boston gave her opinion on spirit week, “I really loved all the spirit days! It was really creative and different from the ones we regularly do, I am especially looking forward to Ralphie day!” Stay spirited and keep your eyes out for the next Prairie spirit week!