Falcons boys volleyball prepare to take down the tigers and become 2x champs


Photo by Tyler Media

The student section at last years boys volleyball game.

Prairie falcons prepare for the second annual boy’s volleyball game against the battleground tigers hosted at Battle Ground. This game will be on Friday, March 10th. The falcons prepare to defend the championship title. This is the second boy’s volleyball game in Prairie’s whole history. Tyson Davis is “excited to become back-to-back champs” he also says the team’s performance will be very different than last year due to the fact that “many players last year were all seniors so this will be a whole new team” The falcons have been preparing for this game by having more practices than they did last year. Not having more than one practice last year was challenging for the falcons. Davis also says that “not having home court advantage will be a slight struggle because of not having the biggest student section and not being in a supportive environment” Rachel Frazier who is coaching again this year says that “she is excited and thinks a lot of people have been waiting for this game and are excited about it as well” from the coaching perspective she
says this year’s team will be full of juniors that are super athletic and that this team will “definitely be more athletic and talented” Prairies boys volleyball team and coaches are hoping for a big crowd.