Students participate in the Winter Assembly



PHS gym where students gathered for the winter assembly.

Prairie High School’s winter assembly took place for the first since before the pandemic on December 16th, the Friday before winter break. 

The last assembly happened all the way back in 2019 which “felt like forever ago now,” said senior Kenneth Pedersen. Right after everyone’s 6th period ended, all the students were led into the main gym, where the assembly was about to start. 

Every grade had its own color to differentiate each grade from another, a color war between each year. The freshman class wore green, sophomores red, juniors blue, and seniors white. Even the staff got to have their own colors, they could choose any one of the grade’s colors. The assembly started with the presentation of the flag by the color guard, followed by the national anthem, then finished off with the JROTC performing their drills. Right after that the Prairie cheer and dancing team performed in the middle of the gym, leading into the first game.

The first game included two teams competing to see who could dunk the most items into a hoop called out by a member of the ASB. Another game consisted of a few of the Varsity Volleyball players vs XC team. Ayden Walker, a student on the XC team, told me that “it was crazy to play in front of the school” and was “definitely super fun” to participate in, especially when winning in the end. In the last game, a fill-in-the-blank for Christmas songs, each grade got to fill in the missing part of the song by singing it out loud, but in the end, the seniors came out on top. With the assembly coming to a close we finished it off with a celebrity, and cartoon Look-a-Like presentation, including a lot of staff including Mr. Melo, Ms. Schiller, and Mr. Smith.

At the end of the assembly, the school admin wished students a happy break and led us out the gym doors, an amazing start to the winter break. Elijah Morale, new to the school as a freshman, told me it was “nice to see most people had a good experience.” His favorite part he said was the Look-a-Like part and “seeing everyone’s reactions to them.” From these experiences, it’s clear to say that this 2022 winter assembly was a success.