Prairie Gets into Spirit for Fall Spirit Week



Seniors pose together in white on Friday for color wars.

Prairie High School Students showcase school spirit with fall spirit week. From October 24th- 28th, Prairie’s students and staff were given the opportunity to dress up and participate in school spirit days. Participating in the days gives students an opportunity to earn points for their class for color wars, an anticipated assembly where each grade level participates in a series of activities to win points.

Monday, October 24th was Sleepover day. Students got to start off their school week by rolling out of bed, in their pajamas. Most students wore traditional flannel pajama pants, but some students even wore onesies and brought their stuffed animals!

Tuesday, October 25th was Soccer Mom vs. BBQ Dad day. The students who chose to dress up as a  “Soccer Mom” wore items like leggings, sporty zip-up jackets, Nike hats, and brought water bottles. The students who chose to dress up as a “BBQ Dad” wore items like aprons, oversized T-shirts, and brought BBQ kitchenware items like spatulas and tongs. “I wore leggings, a fitted mom jacket, and brought Starbucks.” Senior Ella Conklin says. “I think this spirit day was pretty good cause a lot of people wanted to participate in it.” She also chimes in.

Wednesday, October 26th was Pink Out. In a reference to the classic chick flick Mean Girls, “On Wednesdays, we wear pink,” Wednesday, October 26th was Pink Out. Students decked out in their favorite pink attire and some even dressed up together in groups. “Me and my friends came up with the idea to paint white shirts with quotes from the movie [Mean Girls]… We all had pink paint handprints on our legs and had pink pants on. I stayed up late that night making sure they were perfect.” explains sophomore Grace Barton.

Thursday, October 27th was Sunglasses Day. Students wore different kinds of glasses varying from classic to even neon glasses! 

Finally, Friday, October 27th was Blackout. Students wore black clothing and some students definitely stood out DIY shirts with designs made with paint, and even war paint on their faces. 

School Spirit Days are fun for all, all thanks to PHS ASB who makes it happen. ASB advisor Miss Ross states how Spirit Days give students an opportunity to participate in school spirit. 

“Spirit week gives students something fun to do while in class and makes your normal school day a little more interesting and is a way for students who are maybe not comfortable going to dances or big events and get to be a part to raise school spirit”, Miss Ross says.

PHS ASB uses social media to promote students to participate in school spirit even more, thanks to Recognition Manager, Kelly Luangphasy. “Everybody is on social media, so everyone is going to see it [Spirit Week Promotion] and we’re just so disconnected because of covid that our form of communication is social media, so seeing that probably makes people more comfortable participating,” says Luangphasy. The ASB also encourages students to use Google Forms to vote for spirit days they want to see at Prairie which they will release before the next spirit week.