Helping You Choose For Your Future: Running Start


Photo By Mubina Mohamed

Miriam Greener and Mubina Mohamed with Clark’s mascot, Oswald

When starting your Junior year, you’ll find it to be filled with hard choices like choosing what college pathway you want to follow and thinking of how it will impact your future. One of these pathways is running start at Clark College, having other students’ different points of view on their experiences at Clark College may be able to help encourage your final decision of where you want to go.

Mubina Mohamed, a junior attending both Clark College and Prairie High School, lets us know “It’s been a little hard but it’s also fun. You just need to manage your time.” Her experience at Clark has been steady so far and she says she recommends taking running start because you get to experience new things and get “a little sneak peak into college life”.

Another student, Gabriel Vu, also says he recommends Clark College to students. “You get to get out of school early and you don’t have to go to Prairie at all. If you wanna do higher education that’s not AP classes, then take running start.”

While there are upsides like those and getting your associate’s degree fast, there are downsides of getting a lot of homework that weighs more on your grade. Financial implications are also a thing to consider, Gabriel tells us “The insane amount of fees you have to pay that they literally don’t tell you about beforehand.”

If you want to attend a college with “really nice and friendly people with no bad encounters” ever really occurring though, Clark College is definitely the choice for you. Just get a hold of your school counselor to let them know and they’ll start to help you out with your pathway the rest of the way.