Dancing Into the Decades: PHS Throws Disco Down Spring Fling


Kylie Kimball

Students of PHS dance and enjoy the night of the Spring Fling.

On March 4th, 2023, Prairie High School put on their Spring Fling to experience one of high school’s most memorable nighs.

“Kelly Luangphasy and Malina Pham were the leads for this year’s spring fling, they were in charge of bringing everything together and making the dance happen,” says ASB advisor Mrs. Ross. “Our main focus is to communicate out to the staff and students to get feedback.” Less formal dances tend to take “about two months to plan but we have to book our DJ in advance.” Mrs. Ross allows the ASB students to have the freedom of planning the dance in a way that they think students of all types will enjoy. Mrs. Ross said, “I feel pressure putting on any type of dance but this one I especially did because of how long it has been since we put one on.”

ASB is already planning prom and this dance taught them to incorporate things for people that don’t like to dance in order to be inclusive for all. Mrs. Ross tells us that “ASB is really excited for the upcoming activities we’re planning and can’t wait for everyone to experience them too.” 

Mr. Pedlar, one of the foods teachers at Prairie, explained why he decided to be a chaperone at this year’s dance. “We don’t have the same restrictions we used to because of covid and it was a good way to start interacting with the kids again.” Pedlar thought that the dance went really well, “everyone was smiling the whole time and looked like they were enjoying themselves.” This dance seemed much more organized than the last dance Pedlar chaperoned at and that was a really helpful improvement. 

Senior Ella Conklin attended this year’s spring fling and it was her first one since her freshman year. Ella said “This year’s dance my friends and I were way more outgoing and really took the time to enjoy every moment because not only was it our first dance in three years but also our last dance here at Prairie.” In the years to come, Ella hopes that they  keep the DJ because she “really enjoyed the music he played and thought he was their best DJ yet.” Ella wants all the underclassmen to remember that “it goes by fast so don’t take anything for granted especially the dances.” 

Dances are a huge part of the high school experience and ASB works hard to provide an activity that accommodates all students. Hopefully, there are no future obstacles that take away the opportunity for dances, and the underclassmen who missed out have the chance to make up for the lost time.