Prairie takes on Battle Ground in Boys Volleyball… Again!


Kylie Kimball

BGHS and PHS go head to head for the boys volleyball game.

On Friday, March 10th, 2023 Prairie went head to head with Battle Ground High School (BGHS) in a special event, boys volleyball, that has recently become a yearly tradition. The boys volleyball game has become a new fan favorite in the past 2 years and won’t stop anytime soon.

Last year was the first time this event took place when senior ASB leader Ramsey Evenson drafted a plan. This was quickly approved and BGHS jumped on the idea right away. The purpose of the game was to have fun! Nazar Mischenya, a senior on the team, said “It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun,” says senior Nazar Mischenya. He felt very welcomed by everyone and knew everything was all for good sport. 

The team was composed of seniors and juniors, Brendan Carter, a junior at PHS, was a starter on the outside. “I thought it would be fun to play with my friends,” Carter said, explaining why he chose to play this year. Although we didn’t take the win home this year Carter says he would for sure play again next year. “I hope to start earlier and have more practices,” Carter says in hopes to take the win next year. 

The team was led by the seniors of Prairie’s volleyball team. “I was excited to coach as I didn’t get to last year,” says senior coach Ella Conklin. This event has created a fun experience for players and coaches as they get to bond with their classmates. Although it’s fun, coaching can be a hard job, “players were hard to keep under control at times and they had a lot of their own ideas,” says Conklin. Despite that, the coaches still hope to see this continue, “this is a fun school activity with lots of hype” Conklin says and she, and many others, hope to see it continue. This newfound school favorite activity doesn’t seem to be slowing down or stopping anytime soon. Everyone is already gearing up for the next game announcement, and this newfound tradition may allow Prairie to take on more teams in the future.