Gearing Up for Girls Tennis



The girls tennis team poses for their team picture.

As winter sports come to an end, spring sports are preparing for the upcoming season, which includes girls tennis.

Girls Tennis is one of the spring sports offered at Prairie High School and with the season right around the corner, previous and current tennis player Chailya Robinson shares her positive experiences on the team. “I wanted to do something fun and I had heard a lot of good things about tennis, plus I wanted to do a spring sport,” Robinson said explaining why she had decided to join the team last year.

Elsa Bice, a sophomore on the tennis team, was the only player to make it to bi-districts last year. Bice mentioned what she is looking forward to this season and she said, “improving our game, I think we have a really good chance of winning more matches and going to districts.” All the players are excited about what the upcoming season has in store for them and their teammates. The girls could always use more fellow falcons cheering them on at matches, so be sure to catch a match or two this season!