The Battle for Prom Court


As the school year comes to a finish, there is always one thing the upperclassmen look forward to: prom. On April 29, 2023, at the Black Pearl on the Columbia, the nominees of the prom court battled for the title of king and queen. 

 In preparation for this year’s court campaign, the nominees created several colorful and enticing posters to plaster on the school walls. Jacob Ciubal, a senior, said they “made posters to hang them up around the school and also hand out donuts.” The donut idea came from wanting to stand out from other court nominees. Wanting to stand out is one thing that seniors Annie Anderson (12) and Melody Brizula (12) took advantage of. Anderson spoke of their plan on “posting on social media” and also “showing the school a video we have made.” 

The voting took place at the event, through QR code posters hung on almost every wall. When the DJ called 10 minutes until the prom king and queen announcement, people scrambled to cast their vote for their favorite pair. It was announced that Colby Majewski (12) and Kylie Kimball (12) won the title of prom king and queen! 

Prom was a lively and entertaining event with lots of laughs and celebrations, especially when Majewski and Kimball took the crown.