AP Exams are Near, but No Need to Fear!


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Exams for students in advanced placement programs to receive college credit are right around the corner, as they are set to take place in the first two weeks of May.

There are many different AP courses available at Prairie High School. One of the main reasons that students decide to take one of these courses is because of the opportunity to receive college credit when scoring either a three or four on the optional AP exam. “I’m definitely most nervous about passing because the reason I took an AP in the first place was to get college credit.” Junior Madison Boston had to say when asked about her AP Language and Composition exam. This exam is set to take place on the 9th of May.

AP Lang and Comp teacher Mrs. McIntosh has been preparing her students for the exam all year long, “We’ve been doing a lot of essays and multiple choice practice tests.” When asked if she has any advice for any students taking an AP exam, McIntosh said practicing on their own is a great way to ensure that they receive a score eligible for college credit. 

Good luck to any Falcons taking an AP exam this spring!