Falcons Adventures Over Spring Break


Photo By Nikki Benjamin

Student enjoying ice cream in Tillamook

March 3rd through March 7th Prairie High School students and staff had the week off due to their spring break. The students and staff at Prairie were eager and excited to start their well-deserved spring break; after focusing and working hard through the month of March. Some of them traveled and some of them stayed home and just relaxed throughout the break.

Ms. Levine, a health science teacher at Prairie, had a quite relaxing spring break. “I mostly stayed home, but I did have a little retreat that I went on. This was a silent retreat, so we got to do some sound attunement. It was really great to be led by that type of healing in that way, by people who are really passionate about that theory.” When asked where she would’ve gone if she could go anywhere on this spring break she said, “I would’ve loved to take my family somewhere warm, since it’s been so cold.” The most memorable part of her spring break was, “When my family and I had a whole day where we went around town, played board games, and laughed.”

Nikki Benjamin is a senior at Prairie, getting ready to graduate. For her spring break, she went to Tillamook, Cannon Beach, and Seaside. Although it was not her first time going, Nikki still had an enjoyable time. Her most memorable part about her trip was hanging out with her brother and his girlfriend. While she was at the beach, the weather in Washington was horrible, “It was sunny when we were there but on the dive back it was raining. She says she’s happy to be back, “now that we’re not in the car.”

There are many students and staff that went on trips during the 2023 spring break. Some relaxed, and some went to extravagant places. Seeing all the places that they went to was amazing to see. It’s time to start planning next year’s trip!