The Loving Community of Prairie Book Club



The books they have read and discussed so far.

The Prairie Book Club, run by Ellie Davis and Katya Yaremenko, have students gathering inside Mrs. Zika’s classroom during falcon support every 1-2 months to have a group discussion on the book they read in that time.

This club that was put together halfway through last school year has had book-loving students that want to express their thoughts and opinions on the novels they read come together to do just that. Students get to suggest and help pick/vote on the novels they want to read next and it can help push them to read books they might’ve never picked for themselves. When walking in, you can expect a “loving community overall” with ways to get to know other students with the same interests as you better and meet new people.

The leaders reveal their favorite books so far and favorite parts of the class. Katya tells us her favorite book they’ve read so far was “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder because it was really suspenseful and action-packed…” and Ellie’s was “Long Way Down” by Jason Reynolds. This gives you an idea of the way they explore different genres and books. Ellie says, “I think my favorite part is working with Katya. She has been so amazing in helping move the book club forward and she is a really great leader to work with.” Her telling us this just proves that their community being “loving” is a fact.

Right now, the voting on books has been stalled because some books have been pre-chosen already. But starting next week the members are going to be able to start to vote for the books they want to read again. Their advisor, Mrs. Zika, has been able to find the funding for them to purchase the books the students choose. They hope to be able to keep steady and gain
more funding for the next round of books.