Behind the Scenes of Spirit Week Planning


Natalie Coughran

Ms. Stevens, the ceramics teacher, rides in a wheel barrow someone brought for anything but a backpack day.

As spring break approaches, Prairie High School’s associated student body prepares for the last spirit week of the year for their fellow classmates on Mar. 27, 2023.

The Associated Student Body, also known as ASB, had put out a survey for students to share their input for the spirit days. With many ideas coming in, they narrowed down the options and chose the days that they thought would make their fellow classmates participate. They came to a conclusion that these days would be best; Monday would be college day, Tuesday included rhyming duos, Wednesday consisted of Crocs, socks, and Birkenstocks, Thursday was anything but a backpack day, and finally, Friday was color wars.

The planning was done by sophomore Layla Segovia, which took a lot of time and hard work. Segovia’s dedication to the spirit days paid off in the end, as her efforts caused more people to dress up. “It’s really nice to see everybody dress up because it just means that we chose good days,” Senior ASB president Taylin Mandaguit says. 

Junior Lille Amies shares her input on the spirit days, “I think that the days were really fun! It was really easy to participate because it was stuff that I already had at home which was really nice.”