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Meri Dunford, Editor

 Meri Dunford was born here in  Vancouver Washington on April 8th 2002. Dunford grew up in a household with her mom and dad Kimberly and Jonathan Dunford, her two sisters Emma and Lilly Dunford, and three youngest siblings Jonny, Charlie, and Ruby Dunford. Oh and don't forget Holly, their Black lab who is 3 and Her birthday is September 2nd. Dunford makes her best childhood memories camping at Lower Falls with her family every summer. 

When she’s not camping in the woods with her family she is in school taking Journalism with all her friends. She believes it “is a great way to get involved with her community and school.” She also believes “joining a club will make the highschool experience a better one.” This is why Dunford runs cross country, track, and plays basketball, all while managing to be involved with National Honors Society (NHS). Last year Meri Dunford helped lead her Prairie all girls basketball team to becoming state champions. Dunford plays Shooting Guard while wearing the number 3 on her back and puts her heart and soul into every play that comes onto the court. 

When she’s not on the court, she's studying to go to Brigham Young University (BYU) to chase her dreams by running track, get a degree in teaching, and being able to serve a mission for her church. She’s hanging with her best friends Haley Reed, Maya Davis, Jordan Frei, Anna Neal, and her long time friend Courtney Broadbent where they met in church at a very young age. Meri Dunford loves jamming to country music with her friends. Even though it’s an unpopular opinion she still thinks country music is the best due to the fact it can fit any emotion she is having on any day. 

She says if she could be famous she would be famous for “Curing a disease like Alzheimer's.” She chose Alzheimer's because it has affected her family and many more. Meri Dunford’s favorite highschool memory is going to state for track with all her friends. Dunford went to state for running the one mile and the two mile. Dunford has super speed. Speaking of super speed if she had to choose any super power, she would choose super speed. This way she would be able to sprint past her competition without even breaking a sweat. Her superhero teachers are her 6th grade teacher Mrs. Mills and Mr.Millay. Mrs. Mills is a superhero teacher because she was loving, sweet, and made her a better writer. Mr. Millay is her superhero because he made teaching fun. 

You would expect that Meri Dunford might be under a lot of pressure by her teachers and family to do better. But she does not get caught up because the pressure brought pushes her to be better and she knows even if she won't live up to the excitation she will do the best she can. Even though Dunford is held at such a high standard she still manages to wow us all while chasing her dreams. 

“Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me”-Michael Scott

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Meri Dunford