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“Make each day your masterpiece - John Wooden”


Haley Reed is a senior at Prairie High School in Vancouver, Washington, which also happens to be the city where she was born and raised. Coming from Laurin Middle School, this is Reed’s fourth and final year as a high school student. She describes her experience as 4 years that have been quite great to her; becoming a state champion this past year and enjoying the ever evolving environment of her school. She depictsPrairie High School as “a great environment with great admin, teachers, and students.” 

After deciding to deepen her skills within her writings, this year she made the decision to join Journalism, which she heard was a fun class that will also allow her to reach out to new people. Reed feels that this class includes people from many different social circles and appreciates the diversity it brings. There are people involved in athletics, ASB, and afterschool clubs. Since this happens to be her first year in the class, she doesn’t necessarily consider Journalism a hobby of her own. Some of her hobbies would include sports, hiking, reading different book series’ and being outdoors. After all, her best memory this summer was spent outside at Cannon Beach with her boyfriend, Ben Matson. Although it is well known that she enjoys nature, an unknown fact about Reed is that she did gymnastics for 2 years when she was a child. For those who do not know her this would come as a surprise, but for those who are close to Reed this is probably not a shock, as they would describe her as very driven and determined, having an “all-in” attitude. Reed has a bright outlook on her success, which she takes very seriously; always working her hardest to achieve the outcome she wants. Reed would describe her own success as “trying as hard as possible to achieve the outcome you want, always working hard to achieve new goals.” 

There is no doubt that she will excel when she attends Washington State University, her current top-choice college for post highschool. Reed would describe her dream job as something definitely involving the community, where she can have fun, while also being able to reach out to people. This dream is closer than she thinks, though- since she already mentioned she is most excited for graduation this 2019/2020 school year. There is no doubt that Haley will thrive this year. She is constantly motivated to be the best person she can be; in school, sports, and every aspect of her life. 

Within this busy schedule, she finds time for herself by getting all her work finished before practices and allowing herself time to breathe. Reed says, “balancing all this stuff is definitely difficult but I have gotten better over the years.”  Grace Adams, a friend of Reeds, says “I think Haley was raised really well. She has amazing parents.” It’s easy to infer that she inherited it from the #1 mentors in her life, her Mom and Dad. How sweet! With all the things she manages to balance on her plate with ease and grace, Haley Reed exemplifies her life as a Prairie Falcon.

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