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“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard”


Brady Gagnon is 18 years old and a senior at Prairie High School, graduating with the class of 2020. When  asked to describe himself in three words, Gagnon stated “athletic, caring, and loyal.” He was born on August 18, 2001, and was raised here in Vancouver, Washington with his family of four. Gagnon and his older brother had a healthy relationship which included a lot of butting heads and fighting frequently. The person who has been the most influential in his life is his dad who he says is where he got his sense of humor as well as his work ethic. He also says that his dad is very handy and he has learned a lot from him. He’s never really moved out of Vancouver but he did move one time when he was about 2 years old to a new house.

Gagnon's zodiac sign is Leo, however he does not believe in it but he does think they are   cool. Gagnon got over 4 million views on a Tik Tok he made and has 20 thousand followers so when asked what he wanted to be famous for he said, “I already am Tik Tok famous”. In his free time Gagnon likes to grind Fortnite and Minecraft, but he loves to spend time with his friends and play games. His favorite season is winter because that's when basketball is, and it has Christmas which is his favorite holiday because he loves to spend time with his family. Gagnon is a very caring person and looks out for others. He is always prepared to help someone in need, which is a valuable trait to have in a friend.

Gagnon is a class A student as he gets the job done and takes pride in his work. Gagnon is taking Journalism because a friend recommended it to him. He hopes to gain better interviewing skills through this class. When asked what he is most looking forward to writing about, Gagnon said, “sports for sure… Not just because I play in them but also I want to write interesting articles that I think people will enjoy”. Other than Journalism, Gagnon is being a TA for Coach Brooks, taking Algebra 2, and he is attending Clark College part-time. Post high school, Gagnon is looking forward to attending a 4-year college and getting his life started. 

Gagnon is most passionate about basketball and he has played since fourth grade. Though Gagnon has played basketball for eight years, he did not start to play competitively until freshman year. Currently, he is the shooting guard for Prairie’s varsity team and is really looking forward to this season because he believes they will do very well at state. Outside of playing basketball he also loves to watch it. His favorite NBA team is the Portland Trail Blazers and his favorite player is  Damian Lillard. After highschool Gagnon is hoping to continue his career and play for Western Washington University. In all, Gagnon is a great guy and if there ever is a friend in need, Gagnon will be there to put out a helping hand.

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Brady Gagnon