Halloween Adventures

Halloween all around the world is October 31st. This year it falls on Thursday. Halloween allows kids an adults all around to dress up and be who they want for a night. 

“I like Halloween. It really gives everyone a chance to go out and dress up how they like.” said Sheldon Galipeau, a junior at Prairie. Halloween allows you to expand who you are and get out of your comfort zone, according to Galipeau.

“I used to trick or treat when I was younger, I don’t do it as much anymore, but I bet I could have fun with the right people.” says Sheldon Galipeau “I’ll probably just stay home and watch scary movies”. Regardless of age, Halloween can mean many different things, whether you’re trick or treating, passing out candy, or just staying home with friends. 

“Halloween gives everyone a chance to be whoever they want for a night”. Stated Galipeau. Stepping out of your comfort zone, dressing up in a group, or being someone you admire, you have the opportunity to express yourself and be who you want to be on Halloween. 

“My favorite thing I’ve ever dressed up as is probably a ninja”. Said Galipeau, “As a kid I loved ninjas and always wanted to be one.” Being able to express yourself accurately is important and Halloween takes some pressure off of being judged.

“Some people look at Halloween as a way to take advantage of younger kids” stated Galipeau. “Just because they’re bigger than the little kids or meaner they use it as a way to take their candy or bully them into getting what they want.” Halloween is an exciting time, but bad things can happen to, staying safe is always important. 

“Focusing on having fun with your friends is the most important part” Says Galipeau. Not worrying about what anyone else is doing or saying and just enjoying time with your friends will help you have fun.

According to Galipeau, Halloween allows you to “have fun, get free candy, and dress up as whatever you want.” With that description, who wouldn’t love the Holiday?