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“Stay positive.”

Elizabeth Clark, known by her peers as Lizzy, is a senior at Prairie High School. Clark was born here in Washington on April 4, 2002, but is no stranger to moving around the state. Throughout her childhood, she has lived in a variety of cities, ranging from Longview and Kelso to Battle Ground, Hazel Dell, and Vancouver. She formerly attended school at Marion Elementary School in Vancouver and Pleasant Valley Middle School in Barberton before becoming a part of the Falcon Family. Clark’s favorite part about her current school is its American Sign Language program. She is fascinated by deaf culture and the differences between her lifestyle and those that are deaf. Next year, Lizzy is planning to attend Clark College to study in the Emergency Medical Technician program. She hopes to become a paramedic because of her passion for helping those around her. She thinks that the best way to make an impact in the world is to do things for other people. Clark has always wanted to pursue a career in the medical field and is ready to finish out her years in high school so she can take the next step towards her goal. Although she has enjoyed her time at Prairie, she wants to move on to greater things. 

During her free time, Clark enjoys playing softball at Prairie, as well as sketching. She uses softball to stay connected to her school and be involved in its activities. Drawing is a very important part of her life as well. “Sketching is my outlet,” Lizzy explains. She uses this hobby as a safe space from challenges that  encompass her everyday life. Her epilepsy has brought on unexpected road bumps throughout her years. Clark has had to learn to cope with her condition and push past rough experiences. Clark always tries to live by her mantra, “Stay positive.” Her father and sister have been her support system through it all. She especially leans on her sibling because she is the person that Clark feels that she can count on the most. 

But despite Clark’s inspiring story, she is just a normal teenager. Her friends like to describe her personality as strong and caring and her Christian ideals greatly impact the way she carries herself. Clark enjoys spending time with her classmates, Jasmine, Kiera, and Erin, and doing things with her family. One of her favorite memories involves baking cookies with her grandma during the holidays. Unfortunately, a very special individual in Lizzy’s family passed away a few years ago. Her Aunt Martha is a person that she would do anything to get to see for one last time. Although Clark has been through some difficult times, she is still able to recollect embarrassing stories, like the one about when she went skateboarding. Clark accidentally fell backwards on the skateboard and hit her head. She continues to laugh at the thought of the experience to this day. 

This year in Journalism, Clark is excited to experiment with a different type of English class. Although she was surprised when Journailm showed up on her schedule, she is ready for a fun year of making new friends. 


Lizzy Clark, Writer

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Lizzy Clark