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Erin Elizabeth Brady is a senior at Prairie High School in Brush Prairie, Washington. She has been attending Prairie since freshman year and is very involved in cheer but lacks any special talents. She enjoys going to school at Prairie because she loves the atmosphere, learning, and getting to be around all of her friends. She was born in California and has 2 older sisters, Shannon and Meghan. Her parents are Stephanie and Dean. She has 3 dogs named Penelope Cheese Brady, Willow Wiggle Butt Brady, Nala Big Butt Brady, and one cat Stevie Pancake Brady. Her personal hero is her Uncle Lee because he is a very strong and funny person who is also capable of being very serious. Brady visits Arizona with her family often and enjoys the hot summer climate that it is known for.

At Prairie she is taking Public Arts, ASL 2, Journalism, Psychology, AP Stats, and Civics which is a very impressive schedule. She works very hard everyday to balance schoolwork, friends, and cheer. When asked why she took journalism she answered, ¨It was an English credit.” Her sister Shannon (who is going to be an astronaut) had taken it the year before and really enjoyed it. She is planning on going to college, although she does not know where, and knows for sure she wants to be a phlebotomist (which are the people who draw blood for tests and donations) but also wants to do other things in the medical field which she has not decided on yet. Her draw to the medical field to help people also translates to animals who she wants to protect.

Brady describes herself as a very happy, funny, and go with the flow kinda gal. Her friends describe her as “a fun person to be around because she can always make you smile!” She sees herself as more of an average joe in highschool just doing what is expected of her although her outgoing personality and full plate of school and cheer suggest otherwise. She is very passionate about saving the elephants specifically from poachers trying to take their tusks. If she could change one thing about herself it would be to become more involved in volunteer work and helping the preservation effort and if she could change one thing in the world it’d be to bring more awareness to the killings of innocent wild animals and stopping it.

If she were to only eat one meal every day for the rest of her life it would be “A cheeseburger because I love cheeseburgers.” (Which is true). Not only this but cheeseburgers hit all of the essential food groups (grains, meats, veggies, dairy), More importantly she does not have a set favorite movie or song, she describes her likes and dislikes as always changing. Brady is excited to face her senior year but at the same time feels unready which I think is something many people can relate to.

Erin Brady, Writer

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Erin Brady