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 ̈Make things hard now so they are easy later ̈


Anthony Lee Santoyo is a 17 year old senior at Prairie High School. Santoyo is currently taking AP Government, AP literature,Journalism, CreativeWriting,, Intro to  College Math, and he is Pedlar’s teacher assistant for Foods 1. Santoyois most excited for “learning how to conduct interviews and prepare for [his]future that has something to do with writing.” He decided to take Journalism because many of his friends recommended it to him. However, his math class is his favorite because he has lots of friends that he can talk to and hang out with. His favorite part of school is “the whole experience” and being able to hang out with all his friends and learn new things in his classes. As a senior, Santoyo hopes to get a diploma from this school year. After high school, Santoyowants to go to college and pursue teaching. He would prefer to teach history for either middle school or high school. However, Santoyo’s dream career would to be a famous writer and to “write really cool stories.”

When asked who Santoyo’s idol is he responded “Oliver Root because he is an amazing human being and teacher. He is also tall.” Santoyo hopes to grow at least one foot this year or be at least 6 feet tall because he is only standing at 5 '5 right now. His height is his biggest challenge that he hopes to overcome this year. He plans to grow by taking growth supplements and keeping his hopes high. Though Santoyowants to be tall, one of his biggest fears is heights, along with roller coasters and planes. Anthony does not plan to join any clubs or sports because “nothing is interesting” unless it is weight lifting.

 Santoyo spends his free time at the gym where he “ponders life's questions and complexities” instead of hanging with his friends who he tends to “blow off.” Anthony describes himself as both an introvert and extrovert because he is very social at school and very outgoing, but does not like to talk to people when he gets home. At home,  Santoyo lives with his mom, Blanca Santoyo, his dad, Lee Santoyo, and his 14 year old sister, Allie Santoyo, who also attends Prairie High School. He also has an older brother, Richie Santoyo, who is 27. Santoyo’s best friend is his little niece who is 5 years old, and she is also the family member he feels closest to. When asked why Santoyo and his niece are so close he says, “She's kind of a straight to the point kind of person. Grabs her capri sun, grabs her pb&j and gets straight to work.” Santoyocurrently does not have any pets, but in the future he hopes to get a pit bull and chihuahua, but says “thats a big step to take.”

His greatest accomplishment was when he tossed chapstick in the air, flipped it, and then he caught it in his mouth. He then proceeded to try and show the class his special talent, and he eventually got it after multiple attempts. Anthony describes himself as funny and single, which both are very accurate. He hopes this biography can get him a girlfriend. 

Anthony Santoyo, Writer

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Anthony Santoyo