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Anna Colborn was born on December 8, 2001, in Vancouver, Washington. She likes the color yellow, and says that her favorite food is lasagna. During Colborn’s childhood, she would go on lots of camping trips with her friends and family. Colborn explains that these trips created some of her favorite childhood memories. Colborn also enjoys hanging out with her friends in her free time. “I like to go to the movies with them or go swimming,” says Colborn. In her spare time when she is not out hanging with friends, Colborn likes to play music. The two instruments that she plays include the ukulele and the piano. Colborn’s favorite season is winter, because she likes the cold and snowy weather. It is also around the time of her birthday and Christmas. When Colborn gets older, she wishes to travel to Europe and experience the culture. But Colborn states that she would like to visit Switzerland and Paris most of all. 

Colborn does not play any sports at the moment, but she does have a part time job. A couple days a week, Colborn works as a cheer coach, mostly coaching younger children. But because she is only working part time,  Colborn says that she is “going to get a second job.” During the weekdays, Colborn attends Battle Ground High School, but also takes a class at Prairie High School. The class she is enrolled in at Prairie is Journalism, because Colborn’s school does not have the class there. Even though Prairie is not her school, she still enjoys the class. Colborn says that most of the students at Prairie are “very welcoming and nice people.” 

The reason she wants to take Journalism  is because she wants to be a Journalist when she is older. Colborn says that her favorite subject in school is English, and that she likes to write, which is why she enjoys Journalism. Colborn says that she is hoping to gain lots of communication skills and experience this year, so that she is ready to become a journalist in the future. Colborn says that so far she “loves the class” and is looking forward to this year. But there is one thing she says she would change about it. Colborn thinks that there should be more underclassmen involved, because right now the majority of the class is seniors, and there are hardly any juniors. But for now, Colborn is just excited to graduate and move on. 

The college that she is planning to attend at the moment is Boise State University in Idaho. Even though Colborn says she is ready for college, she still doesn’t want to be “too far from home.” She thinks Boise is a “very cool and pretty” place. Colborn is planning to take classes at Bosie to become a photojournalist when she is older. Not only does she want to be a photojournalist, but she also has plans to join the air force reserve. Colborn believes in the words “Speak Life” and lives by them every day.  

Anna Colborn, Publicity Manager

The student news site of Prairie High School
Anna Colborn