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Addy is a junior at Prairie High School and was surprisingly born in Vancouver, Washington where she has lived her whole life.  Although being raised in Vancouver, Friesen does love to visit Idaho, mostly because of the many lakes and scenery. She would rather hang out with a small group of friends instead of a large one. Her favorite hobby is listening to all types of music but she “only downloaded ‘soundcloud’” (a listening service where anyone can publish their own music for free) “to listen to ‘Youngest Flexors.’” Her favorite artist goes by the title of “Slim Thicci” and her favorite song by him is titled “Youngest Flexors.” Friesen is five feet and eleven inches and wishes that she could shrink down to be five feet and eight inches, even though there are many advantages to being tall. When Friesen is not at school or listening to music, she can be usually be found tuning up her skills on the soccer field. She loves the game and finds herself spending lots of time playing it. She plays for Pacific FC and for the Prairie Girls Varsity Soccer team. Friesen enjoys snacking on chips and salsa and her favorite brand of chips is “Jaunitas” by far and she really likes chipotle salsa.

Friesen says that her idol is Brady Gagnon because “he's such a Chad”(a.k.a. Cool guy) and he always has a positive attitude and “good vibes”. If Friesen could be an animal she would choose to be a penguin because they are “always dressed up with nowhere to go.” This choice really shows off her fun, easy going attitude. Last summer Friesen worked at a cleaning company and had to clean up houses which, “totally sucked,” but it did amount her quite the sum of cash, which she spent on clothing soon after because, like most kids with a job and no bills to pay, she has an online shopping addiction. Her favorite class at Prairie is her journalism class where many of her friends are. She is also the only junior in the class which is full of seniors, which is pretty interesting. 

Friesen prides herself in her strong skills of listening and understanding, which are very helpful to her in many ways like conversation and in future job interviews. 

After high school, Friesen plans on going to a college close to home because she wants to stay with her family and friends. She does not know which career path she will choose, but she does know that whatever career path she does choose will lead to success. Friesen has a very strong interest in the video sharing app “TikTok” and she plans on making her own videos and becoming “TikTok Famous,” Her biggest influence and closest friend Jordan Frei pushes her to create funny videos so she can achieve this goal of being “TikTok Famous.” The most important thing is that Friesen does her own laundry which shows that she is a responsible human being and is capable of doing great things in the journalism class of ‘19/20.

Addy Friesen, Writer

Oct 03, 2019
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Addy Friesen