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The Falcon Flyer

Maureen Marquez
Maureen was born in the Philippines on August 26, 2000. Another name that she goes by is Belle but this is mainly used by her dad’s side of the family. Her earliest and most vivid memory is going to a vacation home at the beach on her birthday. Celebrating her birthday is something that she enjoys doing with her friends and family. She did this over the summer along with going to Crater Lake and San Francisco. Something that is consistent throughout her whole life is her fear of spiders. She says,”I’ve always been scared of them… even until now.” Her grandma is also someone who stays consistent throughout her whole life. She has taught Maureen and acted as a mother figure for her. Maureen says, “she’s like a mom to me,” and she adds that she “[sees] a lot of [my] mom in her.”


Maureen grew up going to Glenwood Heights Elementary School and continued to Laurin Middle School. Along with the great majority of her classmates, she is now attending Prairie High School. She enjoys meeting the people she met at school and bonding with them. Although she enjoys going out and meeting new people, she still likes her circle of friends to be close and tight knit. When it comes to classes, her favorite ones are calligraphy and history. Knowing about the past and seeing how things change is what makes history so interesting to her. In the classroom, she likes to get things done but she knows that it is inevitable that she procrastinates. Outside of school, she likes to ice skate because it is not something that everyone does. She also spends time painting, playing the piano, and playing the guitar. Maureen doesn’t like to follow the crowd. After high school, Maureen plans to go to college and major in humanities. Something that she hopes and dreams to do is travel the world.


Throughout Maureen’s life she has had no regrets. She went to California with her best friend and it is something that she will remember forever. She has also grown from her darkest times and learned from it. Her freshman year was a year when she felt distant to her parents. She remembers many arguments with her mom but she is happy that they are closer now. Her dog also passed away and that was something that made her the saddest that she’s ever been. In contrast, her favorite moment was when her cousin gave birth to her baby niece. Another happy thought is the fact that she is graduating this year. “It’s going faster than I imagined… I’m a senior now…” She says. A quote that she wants to live by is to “treat people how you want to be treated. Always accept others and don't make preconceived notions.”

Maureen Marquez, Features Writer

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