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“There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns - the ones we don’t know we don’t know.”    -Donald Rumsfeld


Maddie Hennerty is an admired leader of Prairie High School. She is in twelfth grade and is 17 years old. Hennerty was born and raised in Battle Ground, Washington.  Her favorite part about being raised in Battle Ground is actually being able to take vacations to California and get out of town. She has two siblings, a younger and an older brother. Her favorite food is sushi and she enjoys spending her free time training and performing with the cheer team. She is a key part of the team and was voted to be the squad captain this year. The cheer teams are a huge factor in Prairie’s school spirit and whether it's at games, send-offs for state or even assemblies, the teams always livens up the students and help them to get involved and have fun. If Hennerty could be famous for anything she would want it to be for traveling the world in a van that was turned into a mobile home. She loves traveling and hopes to travel the world. Hennerty sees herself in ten years living in California with a stable job and a nice house. To no surprise, she hopes to continue to travel lots over the years.

Hennerty considers herself to be a relatable and easy to talk to person. Throughout high school, she has noticed that she is drawn to start up conversations and reach out to people. This has helped in many ways as she has made many friends over the years, as well as helped get students involved with school activities. In three words, Hennerty describes herself as determined, selfless, and independent. These characteristics have helped her to not only be an amazing leader at Prairie, but to be  someone who anyone can go to talk to or get help. Her favorite part about high school so far is becoming cheer captain. This furthers her leadership skills and allows her to be a part of a great and fun group of girls. Some of her favorite memories are cheering on the football team on Friday nights, along with getting the students to do the cheers with them. Her favorite class she has taken in high school so far is art. She enjoyed art because she already makes art outside of school and this way she was able to get a credit for it. Besides journalism, other classes that she is taking include psychology and civics, both of which she considers to be important classes. She finds psychology very interesting and she hopes to someday work in human resources or be a personal psychologist. The footprint that Hennerty thinks she will leave at Prairie is for encouraging others to be good people and helping others through the actions that she has displayed in her time here. 

Hennerty is taking journalism  to gain better writing and interviewing skills along with meeting new people. he hopes to gain better communication skills from taking journalism and to become more appreciable. She believes that these skills and opportunities that journalism gives her will help her not only in her career but her daily life. Her goal for taking journalism is to inform people and spread the news at Prairie. She hopes, “to reach those who don’t have a voice and are scared to speak out” with her writing. In all, Hennerty is a well spoken leader at Prairie and the example that she set in her time here will help the school in countless ways. She is excited to graduate this year and start the next chapter of her life, but she will be greatly missed.

Maddie Hennerty, Writer

Oct 09, 2019
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