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Logan Reed
Logan Reed focuses on his education, future, family, and health. People who know Logan would describe him as a kind and truthful person. Logan Reed say “education is important to be successful at what I want to do in life.” Logan is in NHS (National Honors Society) which he is proud of but,  this is also what people After high school Logan wants to attend , Boise State University for business and management. One regret he has is not taking more AP classes because he didn’t get as many college credits as he wanted . Logans dream is to own his own business and have his own family. A lesson he learned involving school is, “if you respect your teachers you’ll get A’s”. One teacher that is influential to Logan is Mr. Beecroft because he is older yet still active by going climbing and getting outside. He believes that respect and honesty will get you far in life. Logan would consider himself a good and social student. Family is a “big part” of Logan’s life. His parents are the most important and influential people in his life. They are successful together, and both contribute as a partnership. Logan says that his mom would be the most important person in his life because she is always there for him. Logan says his parents are influential because “they are good examples”. His biggest fear since childhood is jellyfish because he fears being stung.  Logans earliest memory was him hitting his head on a counter. His favorite childhood memory would be learning how to ride a bike. Logan is “happy with life so far and how I see my feature.” Logan would like to be remembered as a “good friend, someone who can be trusted”.

Logan Reed, Sports Writer

Oct 12, 2017
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