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“My ability to talk to anyone whether I know them or not.”

Grace Kathleen Adams was born in Vancouver, Washington on October 2, 2001. She has lived in Vancouver her whole life. Adams is a senior at Prairie High School and has been there for her entire high school career. Previously, she had attended Pleasant Valley K-8. She grew up with one sister five years ahead of her, a mom that works at the Vancouver Clinic, and a dad that works in construction. Adams has always found herself interested in science. She finds the world an astonishing place. If she could change anything about the world, Adams would end hunger because she thinks it is unfair that people do not have the opportunity to eat when that is a necessity to live. Her favorite teachers at Prairie are Pedlar and Alway. They both have helped Grace through her years at Prairie. Journalism is one of Grace’s favorite classes because it is fun, and it gives students more freedom than in any regular class. Savannah Harshbarger referred the class to her, and she could not be happier that she joined. During her junior year, Adams joined HOSA, and she plans to join again her senior year. She enjoys helping with the blood drives and has given blood multiple times. Adams has played soccer since she was 4 years old and has continued playing soccer into high school. Along with high school, she also plays club soccer for Pacific Futbol Club or PFC. On this team, she met her best friend, and they have been very close since the 5th grade. Her father, Dave Adams, is the head coach and has been for a little under 10 years. Having a dad as a coach has its ups and downs. Sometimes they do not get along, but other times they can joke around. Other than soccer, Adamslikes to watch Netflix in her free time. er all time favorite show is “Friends.” Grace is most looking forward to graduating this year.Her plans for the future include going to college and becoming a midwife. Adams has wanted to be a midwife since she was in middle school. The idea of helping women go through natural childbirth truly inspires her. Her dream location would be to live on a tiny island in Hawaii. Hawaii’s laid back and chill vibe would be the perfect environment for her because when the ones around her are chill, she is chill. If Adams could describe her style it would be whatever she can find on the ground in the morning. If that does not explain her as a person then nothing does. Adams’ favorite color is purple, and she loves the color so much that she dyed her hair purple in the 8th grade. When asked what her favorite thing about herself, she responded, “My ability to talk to anyone whether I know them or not.” She is very outgoing and always finds herself talking to strangers. This correlates with Adams being a Libra because of her ability to voice her opinion and not care what others think. She believes in her astrological sign because it seems to match who she is perfectly. 


Grace Adams, Editor

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