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CJ Marchel
CJ Marchel is a high school student with magnificent plans for her future and a love for the art of music. It all started when she was born April 26th, 2000 in Vancouver, Washington. From her elementary days to her current high school days she has been involved with music and has created a love for it. In school her favorite subject is choir because of the culture and the different elements that go into a song. Going deeper into music, her favorite singer is “Hotel Books”. She finds deep meaning in his songs because they all come from poems and are about his life. Likely assumed her favorite thing to do is sing. It naturally puts her in a better mood anytime when she’s down on herself. The happiest moment in her life was when she went to Disneyland and her choir sang in the themepark. As you can see singing is a significant part of Marchel's life and is apart of her character.


With a life full of singing you might wonder what she have planned for her future? Marchel’s post high school plan is to go to Clark College and major in operations management along with minor in accounting. Her overall dream in life is to become successful and know that she has made something of herself. When asked to describe what it means to have a good life Marchel had a specific vision, “being successful and not regretting anything, to invest time into other people and know it’s making a positive impact”. Academically Marchel is a driven and a hard working student. Her favorite thing about school is how the teachers willingly help you to succeed, although she despises the waking up early aspect of school. One teacher that has influenced her life is Mrs. Alway. When briefly explained, Marchel says Alway has always been there for her when she’s gone through rough times both in and out of the classroom. Another important person in her life, Marchel says is her grandma. She raised Marchel and gave her great morals and also helped her find God. The most important lesson she’s learned was greatly explained, “I’ve learned to not procrastinate and [that] it's easier to tell the truth and be honest”. In life Marchel just wants to be a successful women with a stable job.


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