Does Color Wars Matter?

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Last week the Prairie High School ASB ended off a week full of spirit with our yearly color wars assembly. Students far and wide donned their themed attire and took to the gym to battle it out, after a day full of skipping class to paint the rock and smack talking. But the question is, why does everyone get so worked up?

Seriously, think about it for a minute. It’s one assembly full of arbitrary point values, games, and an eventual winner that is never not the seniors. So when you really have deep thoughts about it, doesn’t it seem somewhat useless to get into it?

Now obviously, I’m not saying don’t dress up and participate, that’s what makes it fun. But when students are actually visibly upset over losing, or even putting others down “in the spirit of competition”, we should take a step back and ask if this is really all worth it. Is one assembly a big enough deal to make you upset and genuinely angry? If the answer is yes, you should see someone.

The moral of the story here is really summed up in just two words, have fun. In reality, spirit week and color wars is a great time, and all students should have fun hanging out with their friends and creating memories. But anything beyond that, from anger to being a jerk, should be left out of the festivities.  

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