Are you the Change?

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“Be the change you wish to see in the world”, I’m sure you have all heard this quote by Gandhi. Personally I believe this quote to be true in every aspect in life or quite frankly in whatever task you are faced with. The problem with people today is they rather sit and complain about something that’s happening, rather than work to fix the problem. I won’t write this without saying I am completely guilty of doing this myself, heck everyone is. This is exactly the problem, we complain we don’t do.

I am a senior here at Prairie and involved in every activity you can think of; ASB President, journalism editor, yearbook editor, NHS member, and two sport varsity athlete. So I guess you’re asking what does this have to do with being the change? Well this year being in all these roles I get to make the changes regarding my school and my teams, but let me tell you it’s been one of the hardest positions to be in. Being a leader is one thing, but getting 4,000 people to buy into what your trying to do is another. I have all these ideas about how to make Prairie better, or how to strengthen the “high school experience” for everyone. The most important thing I have learned from this is change can’t happen overnight. As my co-Vice President says “you can’t build Rome in a day”. This is exactly what I have been trying to do, and it’s just not feasible.

My point of explaining this is that being the change takes time. Wanting to change something takes time. You can’t give up on what your trying to do or it will never happen, it will just stay the same. And yes there will always be the people out there that criticize, bash, and upright try to tear down what your trying to; but you have gotta know there is a silver lining and one day what you are working to accomplish will happen.

So Falcons, my challenge to you is to go change something. Like I said I won’t come easy, but when it happens you will be one step closer to “being the change you want to see in the world”. Life is tough and bad things happen everyday, but it’s what you choose to make of it that matters. Instead of complained about something that isn’t going your way or frustrates you GO CHANGE IT. Stop talking and start doing.


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