A Scientific Problem

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In order to graduate, everyone needs to take a few science credits. Most students follow the basic path of biology, chemistry, and if they’re up to it, physics. However not everyone goes this route, as there are other options available. But the question is, are the options too diverse?

If you ask most people, they’ll say no. How could you have such a thing as too many choices? We should be able to study what interests us, right? But in reality, that’s the wrong way to think about it. It’s this kind of thinking that leads to a blatant flaw in our educational environment, the fact that of the nineteen courses that are available for a science credit, only nine of those courses are within the science department.

In transparency, I’m all for alternative classes to diversify the typical high school course schedule. It fosters interest in fields that students may not know about. However, this doesn’t mean students should be allowed to just take whatever they want.

I think the true irony with this issue is that we already have a solution in place for not having to get rid of these classes. Students have elective credits built into their graduation requirements, and that is the time to take these classes. Elect to take something new, and let the science department have the science credits.

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