The Wonders of DIY

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Nowadays everything is available at the click of a button thanks to online retail. Anything you can imagine is just one keystroke away, from clothing to expensive faberge eggs. But is that always the best course of action?

Now obviously, if you have a problem you typically like to fix it as quickly as possible. This leads to calling a repairman or visiting a company website with the utmost hope of not being on hold for more than an hour. But with everything available online, is there even a point of a middle man anymore?

For most consumers, yes there is a large point. Lack of knowledge or tools makes having a third-party do the job the obvious path to take. But if you have the right tools for the job and knowledge to make it happen, the rewards you will reap from doing it yourself are endless.

This last weekend I painted my car, and when I say I, I mean I did it myself. My dad and I spent the better part of Sunday, from 8 AM to about 9 at night, prepping, taping, painting, all of it. For those less comfortable with math with regards to time, that about 13 hours of work, by two people, so more like 26 hours. At minimum wage that equates to over $300 of basic labor. And with most mechanics charging upwards of $60 an hour for labor, plus the cost of the materials, the first advantage is obviously financial.

But more importantly, you get the feeling of achievement and victory. For those 13 hours, we ran into countless, yet small, problems and issues that we had to overcome. We ran into dripping and running that could have completely ruined the whole project, but we figured out solutions on the fly and ran with it. And to come out with a finished product as well as it is, the feeling of satisfaction is enormous. This has been a goal of mine ever since I originally purchased the car, and to finally see it become reality after nearly two years is breathtaking.

So what’s the big deal? To sum it up, go learn something. Learn a trade, pick up a ratchet, mix some body filler, or at least learn how to change your oil. Even if you don’t like working on your car, learn how to keep it running. Work with your hands, take a class, because in today’s world you’ll find it harder and harder to find someone who knows what they’re doing. Let’s not be the generation who ends hard work.

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