An Uninspiring Assembly

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Last Wednesday the entirety of the student body was blessed with some time out of class as speaker Jamie Winshop came and talked during our “Inspire Assembly”. However after the assembly, many students including myself were left dazed and confused. So what happened?

First off, let me start this with this isn’t the fault of ASB, I don’t need that ordeal to happen again. But to begin with the miscues, the idea of a split assembly needs to go. The fact of the matter is, even if they’re still the same length of time as a one-time afternoon assembly, the whole idea of students finding seating isn’t factored in at all. This leads to HORRIBLE logistical errors that result in the second assembly being shorter than the first. Additionally, doubling the amount of times assembly items need to be executed leads to doubling the amount of chances something can go wrong. Even a few small errors can build up and leave one assembly drastically different than the other.

Another problem with this assembly was the speaker. Now, credit to Mr. Winshop for the duty he did for his country, but it had nothing at all with what Inspire Week means. In what was supposed to be a week of love and compassion for others, we sat through a speech about living in the present. Also, even if his thoughts were on target with our plan, he wouldn’t have had enough time to speak his mind. He even hinted at this in his talk, nodding to his watch during both assemblies and telling everyone he’s trying to stay on time.

Finally, as if anything else couldn’t have gone wrong, the sound system in the gym suckssssssssssss. Yes, I felt the need for 12 S’s at the end, that’s how bad it is. Mics were cutting out, people couldn’t hear, it was all one big disaster.

So what’s the solution? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. During the MLK assembly, Ayah Al-Baity spoke about her story of diversity, and it was amazing. You know why? Because she’s a student at Prairie High School. No one wants to hear a 59-year-old man talk about his story, they want someone they know and can relate to. I would have gladly stood up and told my story if asked. The sound situation? Tell your grandparents to suck it up and vote for a bond so we can build a new school, not that hard right? Finally with the split assemblies, just cut them out, stick with the sixth period ones. Realistically, I don’t think the time of day matters when it comes to paying attention. The kids on their phones will always be on their phones, that’s how addiction works. But that is an article for another day.

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