Vaping: The Crown Juul of Teen Addictions

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Like many students, last week I received an email from a “do not reply” account. Few saw it, and even less actually opened it. But when I did, I immediately knew from the tone it was Mr. Drake behind the keyboard. What I didn’t expect however was for the message to be about the leading addiction among teens, vaping.

To be completely honest, to say I haven’t tried vaping would be a blatant lie. But to be completely transparent, it would be hard to find a teenager who hasn’t nowadays. It’s a new wave of the “cool thing to do” and has completely swept the nation. But the question to ponder in this article is, is vaping really that cool?

Obviously, that’s an objective question. There are many definitions of “cool”, but a quick Google search will describe it in context as “fashionably attractive or impressive.” Going forward, that will be the main basis of my argument, focusing on the impressive piece.

To start, vaping is not impressive by any stretch. You can try and wow me with lame tricks and blowing O’s, but seriously you just look dumb. Besides the actual action, the consequences are pretty severe. Decreased cardiovascular health (you can’t breathe as well) is a huge turn off. The sad thing is, many athletes don’t realize this and continue to destroy the work they do for a small amount of flavored air. Additionally the looming threat of “popcorn lung”, a condition similar to COPD that causes scarring on the bronchioles, is enough to push me a mile away from any Juul. Finally as with any inhaled substance, lung cancer is always on the mind, and if I wanted to violently cough blood out of my lungs, I’d rather get tuberculosis by random than cause it by my own doing.

To finalize my argument about the stupidity of inhaling flavored liquid nicotine, I’d like to bring up the addiction factor. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the line, “I’m not addicted, I just do it for fun.” To be frank, you can almost the smell the large amount of bull excrement in that statement. If you walked into an AA meeting and said that, I can almost assure you that at least a few people in the room would laugh. The reason behind that being is that is the most cliche and common line you can hear when it comes to addiction. To partake in vaping is one thing, but to take part and deny any kind of addiction is dangerous.

Before the closure of this article, I wouldn’t be doing to the situation justice if I didn’t talk about peer pressure. Peer pressure is a real thing, and if you don’t believe that then you’re sadly mistaken. The reality of it is simple, if someone you consider a “friend” is pushing you to do something you’re not comfortable with, they are not a true friend. Back to our definition of cool, the most “impressive” of friends will be the ones who have your back consistently, who are there for you when you need, and who make you feel good about you.

If you or someone you know is struggling with any kind of addiction, whether it be nicotine, alcohol, or another type of drug, feel free to talk to Sharice Lee. Lee is Prairie’s

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