Cascadia Guide – How To Get In


Photo By Natalie Coughran

Outside of Cascadia Tech.

While you forecasted there were other options than taking CTE classes here at school but other programs you could get into. One of those programs being Cascadia Tech Academy, while upcoming juniors and seniors will have an option of joining these programs. You still have time till the application is gone, sign up fast there is only a minimal amount of slots for students.

As of the beginning of March, Cascadia Tech’s Application forms opened allowing students to try something new. “I would recommend going to the Cascadia website to choose the program you want before deciding to join,” Says Mrs.Miller, Cascadia
Technical Academy is a one or two-year program depending on grade and if your program has a second year or not. The process of getting in is simple but there are steps toward the final step.

The application for applying is an online application. They go by time steps depending on when you do it first you’ll have more of a chance of getting in, after filling out the questions you are put on the list with the other 50 kids that may want to go, as Cascadia looks for people with grades, if you’ve ever gotten in trouble or have had consequences in the past and the most important thing is attendance.

It’s a good opportunity to find something out of your comfort zone. Cascadia has many things such as opportunities for careers and college credits and even certificates. It’s not too late to apply to go down to the college and career center to see Mrs. Davis And Mrs. Miller.