“This is Not a Drill”

This is Not a Drill

On March 31, right before spring break, panic arose during 5th period. Students were alarmed by a loud intercom beep stating “this is not a drill.”

Prairie faculty and students were questioning what could be going on at campus that would cause everyone to go into an immediate modified lockdown. A modified lockdown is when there is a potential threat off of campus.. “ I did genuinely think I was going to die for a moment so I was terrified.” says senior Isabella Barta . Some teachers weren’t prepared for a modified lockdown and took it in another direction as an actual lockdown. Mr. Rush and the admin made a team decision to go into the modified lockdown. Teachers are to have students remain in the classroom and continue on with school activities.
Talk was soon to begin within classrooms about what could be happening. Some students messaged parents and friends in other classrooms to see if anyone could get some news from the outside. No email was sent out right away to parents so all students and staff could do was wait for it to be all clear. Thankfully with the right precautions taken the staff made the call due to the suspicious person near campus and school was able to resume at 1:47 to continue on to 6th period.