Band Concert Recap

To many, performing in front of a live audience can be the most nerve-wracking experience
possible. Hours and hours of practice and rehearsal all for the first of three performances.
However, this time the performance is being done in front of a far smaller audience including a
digital audience as well. On november 9th after school, the band performs its first performance
after two long years of quarantine.
Today we will explore the thoughts of two prominent members of the band : Kurt Hensley, and
Xander Galloway. Both of these musicians have been in the band since freshman year with Kurt
even being a part of 6-7 bands at this time. But even Kurt can be nervous before a performance
as special as this one.
“It’s always a bit nerve-wracking going up on stage- because we haven't performed in like, two
years. There’s always room for improvement but I have a feeling that tonight's gonna go well. It
could be a livestream as well as in person- like immediately family can go but everyone else has
to watch the livestream. There’s definitely gonna be that thing of “you need to stay home and
watch it” so maybe more people can attend it”.
Kurt was excited to perform nonetheless. On the other hand, Xander is anxious about
performing, but he was still somewhat excited about the concert.
“It’s gonna be an interesting one. I can see that, I'm extremely nervous. I definitely need some
more work- I just need more practice time right now because some of the songs they’re just…
Not a hundred percent there but they’re close. I have no idea how many people will be attending,
a thousand-ish?”
Either way we can all be excited for the concert and concerts to come.
Soon after their first concert, Kurt and Xander express their excitement after the whole thing.
Kurt shares his afterthoughts.
“Yeah, I’d say the band concert went very smoothly- of course there’s always some things that
need to be done probably, but overall it went pretty good. Everyone’s always a bit nervous
before a concert and the people who aren’t nervous- they’re weird… But a lot of people definitely
were on edge since they haven't played in like two years and a lot of people- it’s their first

concert. I’ve had a lot of practice performing in front of people so I wasn’t as nervous- but you
always get a bit nervous before performing, no matter where.”

After the concert, Xander’s nervousness for the concert discipated and his nervous tone faded.
“It was a really good band concert!- it was good getting out of my shell again and just
experiencing. (I think we have two more in the coming future) You have no idea how nervous I
was, I needed a massage just for me to calm down so… It was pretty cool when I looked up right
at the band, it was calm and peaceful.”
It seems that our two musicians have taken off the rust with a refreshed passion to perform. With
that, we wish the best luck for our band members for future concerts.