Keeping Comfy for Christmas

New Prairie Merch has been released and is ready to be ordered before Christmas

Winter is coming and the time has come for people to start putting on bigger clothes or
just more layers. Everyone has their own ways to stay warm, whether it is putting on a
blanket, sitting by a fire, drinking hot chocolate or all three. But to some of them that
could never be enough, because their hearts could never be warm without the bright
spirit of the Prairie close by. The advanced marketing class has created a new line of
sweatshirts for people to wear after Christmas break. Supervising is Ms.Whitling
“It started out as a class assignment for Advanced Marketing. I just said “we’re going to
do a project. This is what we did in the past. What do you guys wanna do?” All of
Advanced Marketing did it together.” Said Ms.Whitling.

Two prominent members of the group are Dylan Parker and Anastasia Pereginets.
These two worked with each other throughout the project while the other two members
of the project performed equally as well according to Ms. Whitling.
“I think the two people who did the most, and partly because they collaborated and
bounced off each other, were Dylan Parker and Anastasia Pereginets. The other two
students contributed as they could and did equally as they could, but for some reason I
see Dylan and Ana, I see them multiple times a day so they do things out of class as

Although the aim was to provide affordable clothing for students to wear through their
Christmas break. Orders may not arrive until early January because of supply chain
issues. But the quality and clean look of the hoodies remains intact and the prices
remain as affordable as possible.

“Might not be done by Christmas break because there’s the supply chain issue and
COVID, so I’m guessing it will be early new year. But the idea was that they wanted to
make a good quality innovative style hoodie at a price point that a student could afford
so we did not mark it up.”

The chills of winter can now be warmed by true school spirit and some hot chocolate.
The sweatshirts which can be ordered now through order forms may arrive early this