Prairie Gets Inspired

Photo by: Presley Buck

Photo by: Presley Buck

“Be kind to each other, helping each other out, treating everyone with grace, and understanding…that is such an important way to go through life,” said Mrs. Woehr. This is the message that Inspire Week at PHS tries to put out. Not only is being positive and lifting each other up the goal for Inspire Week, but this should be our goal for day to day life.

Inspire Week at Prairie is a week to send out positive messages and lift staff and students up, and this fall Inspire Week achieved just that. The Inspire Team along with other students and staff were able to do things like hand out candy and donuts to all teachers and admins, give students bracelets with inspirational quotes, create inspirational chalk drawings on the sidewalks, run a toy drive for the Prairie preschool, and much more.

Mrs. Rowe, a leader of Inspire Week, was asked her favorite part of inspire week. “That other kids are buying into it that are not necessarily a part of the team,” said Rowe. Having more involvement is exactly what Prairie needed. “I thought it was so cool this morning when we handed out about 800 bracelets…every kid I ran into was so thankful and kind,” stated Rowe.

There were lots of different things done to get people ready and excited for Inspire Week. Things like making posters, setting up an Instagram page, and making a variety of announcements were able to build the anticipation for the week among staff and students. Mrs. Woehr, the principal, was asked the question “Because this is your first Inspire Week at Prairie, what were you most excited to see happen?” Woehr stated, “To see everyone come together…to see Inspire Week inspire us for more than just one week.”

This week most definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations. With the Inspire Team already starting to plan and prepare for the winter Inspire Week, it is expected to be even better than the amazing week we just had.