The Scare of the Decade

As we get farther into the new year, the widespread panic of the Coronavirus is continuing to grow, mainly through the use of social media.

In the age we live in, it is so easy to stay up to date on the latest events, including recent news with the Coronavirus. Sam Cummins, a senior at Prairie high school, believes that it has been blown up by  social media. “I feel like the Coronavirus is blown up by social media the same as most things are blown up or out of proportion by mainstream media,” said Cummins.

Social media is a great place to get live time updates on what is happening around the world but many are starting to believe that things have been over exaggerated. 

“The social media has been blowing up the coronavirus,” says Fabin Solano-Tevor, a senior at prairie highschool. “It is still a big deal but we shouldnt be terrified, we should take care of ourselves.”

Scientists don’t have a sure treatment for the Coronavirus, but they advise everyone that the easiest way to prevent getting it is by washing your hands and staying clean.

“I’m preventing it by keeping up on my hygiene, washing my hands and face,” says Cummins “ overall just good clean practices, along with using hand sanitizer and disinfecting my advies”

 The Coronavirus is something to still be worried about as the elderly need to be very careful and so do people with compromised immune systems.

Sam Cummins is still worried about his sister getting the coronavirus due to the fact that she has type-1 diabetes. “I’m personally worried because I have a sister with type-1 diabetes, therefore a very compromised immune system” 

People need to be informed how to keep themselves safe and how to keep their loved one’s safe.

“I would advise others to do the same, and to be careful with cold or flu like symptoms as those are dangerous on their own, but even more so with the potential of covid-19,” says Cummins.