Springing Into Sports

On March 2nd, 2020 spring sports are starting at Prairie High School. All sports including boys Soccer, girls Tennis, Baseball, Track and Field, and softball are looking forward to athletes coming  to play or for tryouts. 

Boys soccer team returning varsity player and team captain Quentin Roemer says, “ As a captain I am going to keep players motivated by setting the example, working hard and showing how practicing intensely can help in games.” Having a motivated leader on the field and a captain who truly cares about the success of their team can make a huge difference on how far the team makes it and how well the team works together. 

Head girls distance coach for track and field, Freed says that she is, “so excited about the start of spring sports and I’ve heard a lot of excitement about the spring sports..” The beginning of a new season is always something to look forward too, with new people who are just starting and with seniors whose time is coming to a close. It’s exciting for anybody to see how much the seniors have changed through the years in their sport.

Roemer states, “this season is going to be a constant  uphill battle, we graduated most of our starting team last year, and even though we do have some talented newcomers, we have to start the team from scratch.” The Prairie boys soccer team graduated 17 players in 2019 leaving only a few players who have played at the varsity level before. Not only trying to build the bond and trust between teammates that’s needed to be a successful team, they have to get used to playing at a faster level then they did on JV or C-Team in years prior. 

Coach Freed says, “ I feel like my favorite part about track specifically is so cliche, but I really love the athletes of course and the other coaches. The fact that everyone gets to compete is really cool, so you get to watch people grow, change, and improve throughout the season.” Not only winning, but seeing athletes grow so much in only a couple of months is a huge part of why coaches continue coaching. 

When asked what he is most looking forward to this season, Roemer responded with, “ Playing against my club teammates who go to different schools; whenever we are on the field together we always end up messing with each other making the game so much more enjoyable.” 

Coach Freed also mentioned, “Every year I’ll go through a track wrap up and see how many points we scored, PR’s, and how many athletes we got to each stage in the postseason. Every year our goal is to improve how we ended last year and that’s normally seen by getting more athletes to districts, regionals, and state.” For every team, in every sport, improvement is the main goal everyone wants to see and tracking the progress of how everyone finishes makes this process more accurate and easier to see for the distance teams. 

Even having a new team this year Quentin Roemer still thinks they’ll have a good season. “I think we have a solid shot at making it to regionals this year. Making it past the round of 16 would be a first for Prairies’ men’s soccer so that’s the end goal.”Having high expectations for a season is what makes motivated teams, and with a leader like this and coaches like the Thyron’s, this team is in for a good season.