Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences

Last Wednesday and Thursday, October 30th and 31st, Prairie had the first Parent Teacher Conferences of the school year. Teachers all gathered in the commons and waited for students and their parents to meet and talk about grades, how the students are in class, and what they can do better.


While the parents and teachers talk, the parents can talk about anything they need to know from the teacher. It is very helpful for both the teachers and the students.


Kyle Brooks, a P.E. Teacher at Prairie, was interviewed about the conferences. “I thought we had a great turnout on Wednesday night. It was one of the better turnouts i´ve ever seen.” Brooks said when asked how he felt about them. “Probably the biggest thing I would say is a lot of the time with parent teacher conferences is you don’t see the parents you need to see. You usually see the parents of the students that are doing well.”


Teachers think that these conferences are beneficial to themselves, as well as the parents and students. “Number one, it’s a great way to connect with those parents because you get to connect with the parents face to face, and not over a phone call or in an email.” Brooks also said, “If the student is there it’s Step 1 because we got you here and we can get to the bottom of things.”


Parent teacher conferences can be enjoyable. “Not just even talking about what the kids need to do better, but also just kind of praising their kid for doing a great job, It’s pretty cool to meet the parents. These conferences also go very well for everyone. I haven’t had too many bad experiences in my years.”