Prairie Wrestlings Off to State, As Blonde As They Can Be

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Prairie is off to the Tacoma Dome to wrestle in State. During this time, wrestling tradition is bleaching their hair blonde. This is a strong statement showing the wrestler is going to state. Wrestlers Justace Walmer and Bridger Paridis are two strong wrestlers. ¨This tradition is for all wrestlers around state,¨ says Senior and Prairie wrestler, Justace Walmer.

Walmer has been wrestling for six years now. He is, ¨looking forward on going to the Tacoma Dome, because [he has] yet to go there.¨ Walmer has many well played matches, one of his favorite from this season is, ¨when we went against Mt. View. “I won our dual for the whole team.” says Walmer. Prairie is planning on being successful at state, ¨though it may be tough,¨ states Paradis.

Based off Walmer´s perspective, ¨Wrestling is about who has more mental drive.¨ This is what Walmer believes will take him the farthest at state. In addition to Walmer´s confidence, Paradis, ¨felt forced into,¨ bleaching his hair.

Bridger Paridis is a Junior at Prairie, making many accomplishments during his season leading to State. He has been involved with wrestling the last four years and, ¨hopes he does well at State.¨

When at the Tacoma Dome, Paradis mentions, ¨It is overwhelming and can make negative thoughts come. But, the yelling can keep me on my toes, so I am going to try to use that to my advantage.¨

Overall, the tradition of bleaching the hair of ¨off to State¨ wrestlers is a motive for promoting, ¨our confidence in Prairie wrestlers.¨

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