The Weather is Getting Colder and the Roads are Getting Slicker

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As we enter the the middle of our winter season, temperatures are starting to drop drastically. Last week on December 3rd the Falcons got a taste of the cold weather when not only the roads froze over, but the Prairie parking lot did as well.

Senior, Emma Hunt, had a lot to say about the icy path just to get to her classroom, “I was late to first period and I had felt my car slide not thinking a lot about it, but when I stepped out of my car I fell on my butt.” Hunt and many others had this scary and embarrassing experience just trying to walk to their class.

Another senior, Anna Martin, explains how hard of a time she had parking her car, “I was just going to park my car and as I turned my back end slide where I almost hit the car beside me.” These icy conditions not only had Falcons slipping, but sliding as well.

 After this Monday the Prairie staff increased the ice in the parking lot which made many Falcons including Hunt and Martin feel more safe when driving as well as walking into Prairie. As the temperatures keep dropping, remember, drive safely so we can keep everyone safe and ready for school.

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