Speech And Debate Team Claims 2nd At First Competition

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Prairie High School’s Speech and Debate team clenched a 2nd place title in the T-Wolf Invitational on Oct. 26th and 27th. The team defeated other local schools  to claim their place in the competition at Heritage High School.

The event included many speeches and debates related to current controversies within the country. Brett Kavanaugh’s recent sexual assault scandal brought the topic of personal privacy to the Invitational. Students also debated over other government related issues involving pharmaceuticals.

Junior, Maggie Munoz, placed 2nd in two divisions at the competition. Munoz did well in the Duo Interpret, which involves two students that create a demonstration of a well known play or story. She also exceeded expectations in the P.O.I., or Program Oral Interpretation. The P.O.I. involves performing poetry and drama to reveal a theme.

Munoz is very happy with the team’s performance at the Invitational. She explains that Prairie’s Speech and Debate team has “a lot of newcomers” that did very well. Munoz hopes that the whole team will make it into the state competition, and at least one person will earn a spot on the podium.

Captain, Spencer Heaps, is also proud of the team after their first competition. Heaps explains that Prairie’s team has “3 practices a week, while most schools only practice once or twice.” He believes that this helped to give Prairie an edge in the competition.

Heaps is in charge of the written speech events within the club. He helps students “refine their speeches” to get better results when competing. With leadership roles in Speech and Debate, Spencer Heaps, as well as the other 3 captains, “try and keep everyone focused and prepared” at competitions similar to the T-Wolf Invitational.

Prairie’s Speech and Debate team will be competing in their next completion on Nov. 16 and 17 at Mountain View High School. The team hopes to take what they have learned from their first competition, and grow as a team to do even better in their next events.


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